Pierre-Louis Chovet

Pierre-Louis Chovet is a 16 years old’s athlete, a french talented driver born on the April 11, 2002 in Avignon and residing in Monaco.
Keen of various sports such as motocross, BMX, mountain biking, skiing, climbing and tennis since his young ages: thanks to a friend professional driver, Pierre-Louis gets passionate by racing cars in 2011 since his first experience of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

He participated in his first ever race in motorsport on the track of Valence, on February 2014, and he managed to reach later in the year his first Pole Position and he won his first karting competition on the famous racing track of Brignoles, the one of the Bianchi and Montagny’s families.

The next step in his mind was to conquer a title: this is what Pierre-Louis achieved in 2017 with both Junior and Senior French titles.

Pierre-Louis is considered as a very talented and successful driver despite a short experience in motorsport races: winning his first single-seater race at 15 years old and after only 4 years of experience in go-kart is unique in the world!

Bio information

date of birth 11-04-2002
Birthplace Avignon / France
Weight 60 Kg
Height 180 cm
Races 44
Wins 27
Pole Positions 22


Starting with the 2019 season, Johnny Cecotto (F2 winner at Monaco GP and F1 driver) took over my management as well as Markus Lehner (entrepreneur and private investor) is looking after my economics. Both support me exclusively on my way to F1, our team is now strong and efficient. Join us on this wonderful journey to Formula 1!